The company, 25 years ago, released the world's first lithium-ion battery, sells this business

In 1975, the unit was established by Sony, engaged in batteries and accumulators. In 1991, the Japanese manufacturer began selling the world's first lithium-ion batteries. Sony batteries are widely used in products like the Sony the company and other manufacturers of electronic devices. However, in recent years, the corresponding division of Sony makes a loss, pressured the South Korean and Chinese rivals. Today, the company's website published a message of intent to sell the specified direction of the business. Buyer called the Japanese company Murata Group.
This is not the first decision on sale taken in recent years by Sony, trying to put an end to huge losses . In 2013, the office was sold to Sony for $ 1.2 billion in 2014 - a division that produces computers Your VAIO , in the last year - half owned by Sony shares the Olympus . In addition, last year, after the production of TVs in an independent company Sony semiconductor business was spun off .
The exact conditions of the current deal is not yet determined, but the signing of the final agreement is expected in October and completed the transaction must in the current financial year, ie until the end of March 2017.
As a result, Murata will receive the Japanese subsidiary Sony Energy Devices venture factories in China and Singapore, the R & D centers and other assets around the world. The transaction will not affect the sales under the brand name Sony Mobile batteries, alkaline batteries and miniature, as well as some other consumer products.
We recall a few years ago, Sony has considered the possibility of the sale of battery business. But then it was decided to keep it in the hope that business will become profitable again because of the battery demand for smartphones is growing, and the yen falls. According to today's report, these expectations were not met.
Source: the Sony

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