Qualcomm Apple offered discounts in exchange for exclusive contracts

Recently, Qualcomm is increasingly becoming the object of attention for various antitrust authorities of various countries. According to the source, the US Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission, FTC) filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm's, accusing it in a non-competitive behavior.
To be precise, the FTC believes that Qualcomm Apple illegally received orders for a period of five years (2011 to 2016). Cupertino giant Qualcomm offered discounts on royalties in return for the fact that Apple was obliged to use only Qualcomm solutions. In this case it is a modem connection.
In addition, Qualcomm's accused that some companies threatened refusal to supply their products, if they will not pay for the license at inflated prices.
Qualcomm announced that it intends to appeal the lawsuit the FTC, which, according to the manufacturer, is based on an erroneous legal theory and intended to promote the interests and amplify the impact of mobile phone manufacturers.
Source: by Bloomberg

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