IC Insights analysts believe that Intel and Qualcomm spent in 2016 on research and development more than anyone else in the industry

IC Insights analyst firm Experts estimate the funds allocated semiconductor products in the past year on research and development (R & D).

With a large margin from the rest of the list of participants at the first position is the company Intel. It is in 2016 allocated for research and development 12.74 billion dollars, accounting for 22.4% of revenue. Compared with the previous year the financing of development increased by 5%. Note that the average over the period from 2011 - 9%, that is, slow the pace of Intel.

In second place is Qualcomm. This manufacturer has spent on R & D 5.109 billion dollars, accounting for 33.1% of its income. However, compared to the previous year investments decreased by 7%.

Third place goes to the Broadcom company, stand out in the research and development of $ 3.188 billion, which corresponds to 20.5% of annual income. Compared to last year the company Broadcom has allocated 4% less on R & D.

The fourth and fifth places are owned by Samsung and Toshiba, who spent 2.881 and 2.777 billion dollars respectively. In this case, Samsung 6.5% yield, in the case of Toshiba - 27,6%. Compared with the 2015 Samsung increased its spending by 11%, Toshiba - reduced by 5%.

Source: the IC Insights

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