HTC again credited with the intention to return to contract manufacturing smartphones

A few days ago we learned that HTC will cease to produce low-cost smartphones , and will significantly reduce the range. At this step the company decided not a good life. HTC continues to suffer losses and declining sales of smartphones.

Against this background, the web reappeared HTC forecasts regarding the possibility of returning to the origins. That is a contract manufacturing smartphones. In particular, since the analyst believes BayStreet Research Maldonado Cliff (Cliff Maldonado), who recently suggested that the new HTC flagship will not appear on the US market. And now for this there was even more reason.
For example, HTC smartphones have virtually disappeared from the range of US mobile operators. On Web sites, AT & T and T-Mobile HTC devices is not, as though Verizon sells two models, but in fact in the presence of almost none.

Maldonado said that the launch of smartphones the Pixel, which, we recall, are made on the HTC capacities, output Bolt exclusive model for Sprint's, as well as staff reductions indicate that HTC could return to contract manufacturing. At the same time analyst does not say whether he believes that the company is fully abandon issuing its own smartphone.

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