Chinese manufacturers want to learn the FD-SOI technology

According to industry representatives, which refers to the source, the Chinese manufacturers of semiconductor products, including the company Huali Microelectronics (HLMC), plan to master FD-SOI technology. By their causes high competition in the FinFET segment where work such giants as Intel, Samsung and TSMC.

Without abandoning the use of FinFET in steps 28 and 14 nm, HLMC company sees as a more economical alternative to the possibility of the development of FD-SOI at the factory, designed for 300mm wafer.

As a more affordable cost, this technology can bring the Chinese chip developer for the IoT, does not have a private capacity. The main contract manufacturer offering FD-SOI, is Globalfoundries.
Chinese manufacturers want to learn the FD-SOI technology
In 2015, the company Globalfoundries has introduced the industry's first 22-nanometer technology platform, the SOI the FD - 22FDX. Allegedly, 22FDX platform delivers performance and power consumption levels that are close to the FinFET, at a cost comparable to the 28-nanometer planar technology. In applications where there is no urgent need to limit the performance of transistors FinFET, 22FDX provides gains in cost and power consumption.

Last year the company introduced Globalfoundries 12-nanometer technology platform, the SOI the FD , as it became known last week that Globalfoundries is expanding, investing in production, located in the four countries . In particular, China's Globalfoundries company is planning to build a factory, designed for 300mm wafer, which 22FDX process technology to be used. The output of the company should start in 2018.

Source: by Digitimes

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