Apple sues Qualcomm in China

Not limited to a claim demanding $ 1 billion filed against Qualcomm in the US, Apple has filed a similar lawsuit in China.More precisely, it filed two lawsuits. In these figures the same round sum, but in RMB. In terms of it is approximately equal to 145 million Dolar.
According to Apple, Qualcomm has violated the obligation to license the patents for technologies that are part of cellular standards, at affordable and non-discriminatory terms.
Qualcomm is - the main supplier of chips that provide connectivity of smart phones to cellular networks. Its products are purchased not only Apple, but the market leader and the company Samsung Electronics. Together, these two companies provided 40% Qualcomm's revenue totaled $ 23.5 billion last fiscal year.
As in the case of a lawsuit filed in the United States , Qualcomm's company has already responded to the new claims. Although the full text of documents is yet to come, the defendant is ready to defend itself in court. In Qualcomm claimed that Apple had offered the same licensing conditions as other partners, so that about any violation can be no question. Apple rejected the proposal without consideration, while more than a hundred Chinese manufacturers are working with Qualcomm on such conditions.
Sources: to Reuters , Qualcomm's

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