Antitrust authorities in South Korea suspect Google is that it prevented the emergence of Android OS competitors

As is well known, the operating system Tizen initially positioned Intel and Samsung as Android competitor. Competitor did not work, and now Tizen entrenched only in the smart watch Samsung and household appliances of the same company.

Do everything else could be? Some believe that it could. Thus, the anti-monopoly agency of South Korea intends to investigate Google's pressure issue on the Samsung in order to prevent the emergence of Android competitor.
In 2011, Google and Samsung have signed an agreement concerning mobile applications. Within its framework, Samsung got the opportunity to completely free to use Android and Google services, but instead should have been the search giant's applications on the home screen, use the default Google search and pre-install on all smartphones 12 Google programs. Then, in connection with the two leading Korean resource information submitted to the antimonopoly service related complaints, but the case was closed due to lack of evidence.

It should be noted that details of the agreement between the two companies became known only in May last year, which was the reason for the resumption of the investigation. Among other things, the agreement prohibited Samsung to develop new operating systems using «Android algorithms."

Whether the agreement was directly related to the Tizen, is unclear. But we can not exclude that it is a contract with Google has led to what Tizen eventually developed very slowly, and its range was limited to just a few countries, if we talk about the smartphone market.

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